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community policing

Providing security and peace of mind for members of the public.

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Essential Elements for a Professional Application 

Four key elements make the ModiCam a unique product, designed for professional use.  Powering a camera from a battery has never been difficult.  Providing secure seamless connectivity with cloud based applications and mass data storage on the edge is a different story....

Mass Storage

SD cards suffer from limited capacity and slow data retrieval rates.

A professional system requires SSD storage on the edge in order to provide a realistic searchable image archive. 

Edge Computing

Cloud-based Deep Learning 

algorithms will define the future of video surveillance.

Edge CPU power is required for synchronous communication with cloud-based software that will enable the detection of abnormal behaviour.

 Secure Comms

Data security can be a big issue for wireless communication systems. 

The ModiCam has been designed to communicate using enterprise level VPN certification and can communicate with CISCO and other secure platforms.

System State

Without remote System State Management, it is not possible to provide a cost-effective reliable autonomous solution.

The professional systems integrator requires detailed information about battery state of health and charging cycles, in addition to network signal quality information and SSD remaining capacity.   


Edge Computing

Operating in places where a power supply and cloud connectivity are only intermittent



We've Come a Long Way

I  guess the picture really tells the story.

The ModiCam was designed and developed in Australia by Volt4 Pty Ltd and has been tested in some of the harshest environments on the planet. The project won an Australian Govt grant for its innovative design and the product features enable IoT device connectivity and edge-based processing from locations around the world. 


This project has been supported by AusIndustry

What People are Saying

Why is the ModiCam is different to other battery powered camera systems?

“At last a surveillance system with decent SSD memory built in. SD cards are so slow to access remotely.”

Alan Hall

“The ModiCam is so easy to deploy and looks great too.”

Suzzane Jones

“I am pleased to see a proper lithium battery application with detailed State of Charge information available from a modern dashboard interface .”

Bill Rogers


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The ModiCam is made in Germany.

Its onboard battery has been fully certified for air transportation and the ModiCam is supplied to professional systems integrators complete with UN38.3 safety certification.


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