Video Analytics are now becoming a feature of many surveillance systems, but the Mobotix Activity sensor is different and brings a new dimension to video surveillance by reducing false alarms by up to 80%.

High Resolution

Image quality is paramount if successfully identification is to be obtained. Mobotix technology provides class leading images quality even at low light levels.

Rapid deployment

The ModiCam has been specifically designed to meet the needs of a rapidly deployable system. Installation takes just minutes and Internet connectivity is instant.

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Keeping pace with modern technology is never easy, as consumers we are constantly bombarded with the latest electronic gadget or application, many of which are worthy of merit. However, many new innovative products fall by the wayside when subjected to a harsh industrial environment.

Now the all new ModiCam provides an IP 67 rated internet gateway for the worlds leading Industrial high resolution camera system. This rapid deployable combination brings with it new opportunities for asset managers in all sectors. From Government Departments, Environmental Management, Local Authorities, Utilities even Farm Managers or School Principles. If your responsibilities involve developing and implementing security measures and your business maintains the principles and processes that support the effective management of risk and compliance obligations you may wish to explore the ways to cost effectively harness this new rapidly deployable Information Technology.

Do you provide security services?

Do you provide security services?

For many years CCTV has played a vital role in the armoury of the professional security services provider. We all know that there will always be a place for manpower when managing clients risk, however advances in technology mean that a High Resolution IP surveillance systems are now able to provide a valuable, maybe a even priceless archive of events or warning of intrusion. Low light sensors and activity focused software means that video analytics offer a huge cost saving over traditional video motion detection. Add to this the potential to deploy thermal imagery and you have a powerful compelling technology driven service that addresses your customers needs. Whilst you may recognise some of the scenarios outlined on these pages, remember the ModiCam is a rapidly deployable system that will provide new and innovative ways to offer services to your customers. This new and disruptive technology will enable tech savvy operators to create new business models combining IP surveillance with traditional manpower response. We all know that customers are constantly demanding cost effective solutions, and new services based on this technology will change the way that business evolves. If you are an existing security service provider or your business is IT infrastructure focused, you might consider how the ModiCam could enhance your existing offering.

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